Month: June 2021

Cicada Blooms

Dear EarthTalk: Are the cicada blooms of the eastern U.S. out of whack due to global warming and/or other man-made environmental problems?    — Joe R., Moorestown, NJ The short answer is…probably. If you live in the eastern or midwestern U.S., you’ve likely seen so-called periodic cicadas. These inch-long, gray- and orange-winged insects with bulging red […]

What’s The Deal With Hydrogen Powered Fuel Cells?

Dear EarthTalk: What’s the latest on hydrogen powered fuel cells? Not long ago they were touted as the energy source of the future, but news has been scant of late. — J. Gorman, Columbia, SC Indeed, around the turn of the millennium, the development of hydrogen fuel cells to power our transportation sector with renewable, […]

Residential Windmills?

EarthTalk® From the Editors of E – The Environmental Magazine Dear EarthTalk: You see a lot of people putting solar panels on their homes these days, but windmills not so much. Is there any future for small residential wind turbines as we transition to more renewable forms of energy?                                                            — M. Simon, Portland, ME Wind […]

What is XPRIZE?

Dear EarthTalk: I’ve heard of XPRIZE, which funds innovations in space exploration technology. Is XPRIZE used to address climate change or other environmental problems?  – J.D. via e-mail XPRIZE was launched in 1996 to spur innovation in the commercial aerospace sector. Back then, entrepreneur Peter Diamandis offered $10 million to the first privately financed team […]

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