Month: April 2021

What About The Bee Populations?

Dear EarthTalk: How are bee population numbers doing these days?             – B. Turner, via e-mail Whether you’ve noticed it or not, there are far fewer bees around nowadays. One-quarter of the world’s 20,000 bee species are in precipitous decline or have already gone extinct since 1990. A range of causes are to blame, including indiscriminate […]

Passive Solar Homes

Dear EarthTalk: What is a so-called “passive solar” house and can I retrofit my existing house accordingly?   — Bill C., Raleigh, NC A passive solar house is typically designed from scratch factoring in several considerations to boost the structure’s ability to naturally keep the interior living spaces a comfortable air temperature without using conventional emissions-spewing […]

Does Global Warming Make Dumb?

Dear EarthTalk: Is there scientific basis to the assertion that global warming is affecting our ability to make decisions and lowering our collective intelligence?   — P.D., Sacramento, CA As we continue to pump carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and the climate warms around the world, it’s not only our health […]

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